Rising Damp Treatment

We Offer Several Options for Rising Damp Treatment in Sydney

Our team at Damp Controllers PTY Limited can provide assistance if you’re looking for a practical and worthwhile rising damp treatment for your Sydney home or business. Although many of our clients are homeowners, we also have relationships with real estate agent and building developers. Our vast experience in combating excessive moisture within underfloor areas makes us a smart choice for your needs.

Able to Diagnose Dampness Problems

A comprehensive knowledge of building structures allows us to quickly find the source of dampness problems and then recommend an effective rising damp treatment. Contact us to request a no-obligation assessment and quote. That’s the first step in safeguarding the integrity of a building structure and preventing expensive future problems.

Get a Effective Rising Damp Treatment

One of the ways we handle excessive moisture in Sydney buildings is to install sub floor vents that draw natural air in. We can also install powerful 240V fans that force fresh air underneath the floor and circulate it, then push the damp air out.

Damp Proofing is Also Available

Damp proofing involves adding a waterproof layer to the base of a wall to prevent exterior moisture from getting inside. We offer a remedial damp proof course that injects a water-based, non-toxic cream directly into the masonry. Our careful approach can help stop rising damp situations, and is environmentally friendly.

Contact us by e-mail or telephone today to find out how we can assess the issue at your residence or workplace and recommend a rising damp treatment that gets the kinds of results you expect.

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