Summer Weather and Subfloor Ventilation for Sydney

Much of the city took note the past week, when we finally began to feel the warm weather beginning to return to our humble city. The beaches will soon be crowded with warm bodies, the mercury will rise to uncomfortable new heights, and the dry air from […]

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Sub floor ventilation sydney

In the more moisture-prone areas of our fine country, the risk of mould growth is a very real concern. Thriving in damp and still environments, mould can permeate many mediums and thrives in under-ventilated and disused living areas. Mould itself is more unsightly than dangerous; it is […]

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The Types and Causes of Rising Damp

Unfortunately, rising damp takes various forms and has several potential causes. Treating rising damp in Sydney depends on the nature of the cause and type of problem. At Damp Controllers, we’ve had three decades of experience dealing with rising damp in Sydney and have seen every conceivable […]

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Symptoms of Rising Damp

There are few sights worse for a home owner than noticing what looks like a tidal line creeping up the walls of your house. Like a tidal line, this is residual moisture, but unlike a tide, it won’t recede naturally. The line is a sure sign your […]

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